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Yumi: Luxury Meal-Delivery Service for Babies

Yumi-300x200 Yumi: Luxury Meal-Delivery Service for Babies(credit: courtesy of Yumi)

Available for delivery throughout the state of California, as well as select areas in Nevada, Arizona and Utah, Yumi serves fresh, organic and nutritious baby food delivered to your home weekly. Just like a good homemade healthy meal, their recipes are thoughtfully designed – no sugar added, ever – with your child’s needs in mind.

The transformational food and wellness company takes a holistic approach to baby’s health and wellness that is based in transparency, quality, and science. Committed to offering the most convenient and nutritional option in the baby food space, Angela Sutherland, Yumi CEO & Co-Founder, wanted “to make it easy for parents to feed their baby meals that they actually feel good about.”

Yumi has quickly gained celebrity fans from Molly Sims, Whitney Port, Emily Deschanel, Armie Hammer to Lily Rabe, is simple to use. With prices starting at $35/week for single-ingredient purees, and $50/week for blends (discounts available with monthly plans), seasoned chefs prepare your nutritious and nourishing child’s meals.

Their balanced meals support babies’ neurological and physical development at every age and stage and provide a definitive source for parents seeking to understand what they are feeding their children. And when you are a customer of Yumi, parents have access to their in-house team of chefs, doctors and nutritionists at their disposal to answer any questions about feeding their baby, as well as to give advice and support around other developmental milestones.

Join Yumi’s commitment to nourishing the next generation with real food and purchase a meal plan delivered to your doorstep at

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