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Haute Toys For Your Little Tot

Parents are always in search of the latest and greatest toys for their little ones and we are always on the lookout for the haute collection. From ride-on animals to an entire playground for your child to play on, here’s a look at a few of our luxe favorites.

Hansa-Toys Haute Toys For Your Little Tot

Ride-on Animals:

Sure, you have seen the haute ride-on posh pedal Cadillacs, but have you heard of Hansa Toys‘ ride-on animals? These life size, realistic looking animals take the shape of everything from elephants, tigers, camel, reindeer and moose that your little one will have some fun riding. These handmade creations are designed by artisans to mimic the real thing. Think minimal seams as the products are made from the inside out, with man-made furs (from which the “coat” and “hides” are made) and plush, realistic bodies that simulate walking or seated positions. They also have a collection of mechanical ride-on toys, so kids aged three and older can ride on the likes of a 46-inch elephant or a six-foot brontosaurus.

Hansa-Toys Haute Toys For Your Little Tot

Life Size Robby the Robot:

Robby the Robot takes on a new form when it comes in a life size seven-foot form at Hammacher Schlemmer. You may recall the robot from the movie classic Forbidden Planet, but this $32,000 creation is made of fiberglass and is pre-programmed to spin, twirl and rotate. Robby’s voice delivers infamous lines from the original movie at your command from the remote control, all while being synchronized with the retro-style bright blue neon tube lights built into his front. You can even connect Robby to a home theater system so you can project your own voice through him with the included wireless microphone. Almost as much fun for adults as it is for kids.

Hansa-Toys Haute Toys For Your Little Tot

Your Own Private Playground:

Designed for kids aged 5-to-12 years old, you can have your own private playground just like the one from Quaker Mill. This bright and sturdy addition to your backyard is a mere $61,000, but will surely keep your kids active and entertained all day long. From tic tac toe, gear and rain panels, to a maze, bongos, and drums, there is something for every age range. Kids will love sliding down the tube and spiral slides, and have fun racing their friends down the double slide. There is even an overhead orbital ladder, which connects to a net climber, along with a boulder climber around the structure for children to scale.